Herd History
Twin Creeks Spice Girl The best
goat ever!  The sweetest personality
and the best milk, you could make ice
cream without adding cream or sugar.
She loved to snuggle, and she would
drink iced tea out of a Gatorade bottle.
She milked over a gallon a day in her
last lactation.
Twin Creeks Sugar Sweet   was
Spice Girl's first daughter.  She
probably got overlooked some
because her Mom was such a
dominating goat.  She is pictured
here with her daughter, Findley
Follies Brown Sugar.
Findley Follies Everything Nice (E.T.)   
We had our Sugar and our Spice, Then it
took two years to get our "Everything Nice".
E.T. was the start of a long line of "T" goats,
including Mr. T, Miss T, Feis T, Hot T, and
many others.  Tulsi T is now one of our up
and coming bucks, and the first Purebred
MiniMancha in our herd.  E.T. had her own
sweet personality, and was a very good
Twin Creeks Lady Banksia
Twin Creeks Checkers

These were the first two goats we bought
The original Folly