We love MiniManchas!  They are a cross between a LaMancha dairy goat and
a Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat.  The cross gives a mid sized goat that produces
very rich milk.  They need much less area in which to live (a suburban backyard
is enough for two goats) and they eat half to two thirds as much as a standard
dairy goat.  They average about half a gallon of milk a day, which is  more
realistic for a family than what a standard dairy goat produces.

They can be called Miniature LaManchas or Mini LaManchas, but we prefer the
name MiniMancha, which we abbreviate MM

We have not found a goat that produces as delicious milk as our MiniManchas.  
We were very lucky with our foundation stock, but we have found it to be true of
most MiniManchas.

To learn more about MiniManchas and other Miniature dairy goats, visit
MiniMancha Dairy
LaMancha Dairy Goats

The only truly American dairy goat, first developed in the 1930's, accepted by the ADGA as a
standard dairy goat in the 1950's.  Their most notable feature is their very small external ears.      

There two types of ears:  
Gopher ears, very small with little or no cartilage

Elf ears, longer with some cartilage and turned up or down ends
Right Pet website  gives the Miniature LaMancha a 4.9 out of 5 as a pet, companion, and milker
Nigerian Dwarfs have long upright ears which are very expressive.