Findley Follies Farm
Our Philosophy of Farming
We try to work in harmony with nature and respect the
animals that provide us with our food.  That respect
includes caring for our animals in as natural a manner as
possible.   We don't feed corn, soy, or genetically
modified products; and we only use antibiotics to save the
life of the animal.  We believe that a happy and contented
animal gives healthier and tastier food.  The love we give
our animals comes back to us in delicious milk and eggs.
From the Farm
Findley Follies Farm
Lenny and Barb Findley operate a small farm located in Southeast
Montgomery County, Texas, off of Hwy 242 and Firetower Rd.  We
have a small herd of MiniMancha Dairy goats and a flock of
chickens (mostly Production Reds and Speckled Sussex.)  We
provide eggs, milk, yogurt,
kefir and cheese to our family and friends.
We are firm believers in
Raw Milk.  We have seen first hand how
raw milk, and especially kefir can help with conditions ranging from
allergies, arthritis, stomach problems, to even AUTISM!  Our
mission is to spread the word about these probiotic miracles.
We love to share our knowledge about raw milk and kefir, and we
would love to talk to you.  Email us at
goaters to find out more.
We haven't done a very good job of keeping this up to date, so we're going to
try something different. For "breaking news", especially births, we're going to
do that on Facebook (Look up Leonard Findley). That can be done on the
phone, and we seem to be better at doing that!

We could have started having kids in mid December, but on New Year's Eve
we still don't have any and no one looks ready.  We're looking forward to new
babies and we need the milk!

Let's hope 2015 is a happy and healthy year!

Lenny and Barb